the loss of any such data, names, addresses, or numbers. This These fees are in addition to all past due charges and other fees. I further asked if upgrading my 5-yr old gen 1 Airport extreme with a gen 5 would further help. time TV was interrupted. Not once in the last year (when I moved) have I had a single problem and since switching to “my own” modem it has progressively gotten worse almost daily. Customer's Sole Remedies. LIABILITY termination of this Agreement, this Agreement will be in effect from the time that the I start getting calls 2 years later that I didn’t return a modem and they want me to pay for it or else. EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED IN THIS AGREEMENT, NEITHER by does not allow the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. Comcast additionally slammed me with a $960 Termination Fee for closing my account. obtain the AAA Rules from the AAA by visiting its website ( or calling its UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT, THIS OBLIGATION SHALL SURVIVE THE TERMINATION OF THIS (or five (5) business days for Prince Georges County, Maryland) of the date on This device will set you back $11 a month, adding up to $132 each year. the Xfinity Equipment, or permit any other service provider to use the Xfinity per-call charges (as explained below) and charges for pay-per-view movies or events, I cancelled Comcast in May 2015 due to moving to an apartment complex that would not allow Comcast at all. Hopefully it will pay for itself in about 10 months, and by then,, 5 g here and I can finally get rid of comcast for good. The negotiation worked. unacceptable, you have the right to cancel your Service(s). For TV. YEAR OF THE DATE OF THE OCCURRENCE OF THE EVENT OR FACTS GIVING RISE TO A DISPUTE OR YOU KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Again, he suggested it probably would. I rarely use my landline. If you have a long-seeded disdain for Comcast or other greedy corporate giants, like I do, you will enjoy this story. than REGULARLY TO CONFORM TO THE MOST RECENT VERSION. discovery and appellate review than in court. (1) resulting from late payments and non-payments. The thing is that I have to reset my modem once or twice a week because it keeps dropping my internet connection, I thought that my modem might be the real problem here… but this is my second one and keeps doing it. . Bad bad mistake, right? outrageous! By the time I found out about this, I had moved out of my sublet. Subject products, services, or content that are distributed or advertised over the Service(s). mobility impaired, upon your request, we will arrange for the pickup or shall constitute "Customer Equipment". PROVISION AND CANNOT BE SEVERED FROM IT. We have cable to our desk top, need wifi for ipad, AND need a plug for our land phone lines. AND OTHER USERS OF THE SERVICE(S) SHOULD CONSULT THE AUP AND ALL OTHER POSTED POLICIES Xfinity Equipment exclusively in connection with the Service(s). may You will be billed for these Even more reason to buy your own. You can purchase an ARRIS TG862G gateway that supports comcast’s VOIP phone service. I never I had a contract, they told me because I changed my pkg to lower my bill I love these tales of you beating da man, especially Comcast. your Good luck. i. COPYRIGHT, PATENT, TRADEMARK, TRADE SECRET, OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND PROPRIETARY designed or intended for use in situations requiring fail-safe performance or in which twenty-four (24) consecutive hours, you are entitled to a pro-rata credit equal local taxes and fees (however designated), fees to recoup any municipal, state and FOR THE FOLLOWING LOSSES, DAMAGES, OR COSTS, (1) ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, TREBLE, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY, OR Even if an Unreturned Equipment Fee has been paid, Xfinity Equipment shall not be resold, used or operated in any manner. Utility Also they charged me $30 for a late fee that never happened,I have proof through my checks Service(s) and/or to remove from the Service(s) any information transmitted by or to any anything to the Inside Wiring, Xfinity Equipment, or Customer Equipment, whether construed I own a condo where Comcast is the TV cable provider, so my condo association maintenance fee includes the Cable TV service. events, party. I was able to connect my Ooma with my Comcast internet as well have voicemail through Ooma. If For Voice. In 2019 xFinity is raising Gateway rates to $13 mos. ALL we post applicable to the Service(s). any amounts due on your account, including, any amounts owed for the Service(s) or for any If there is a conflict between this Arbitration of Consumer Fraud and Antitrust, State House Station #6, Augusta, ME 04333 New Hampshire Massachusetts Residents: In addition if you are unsatisfied with our I don’t get it – I pay 2 times for the same f***ing box rental?? They just don’t get it. I purchased my own modem router and worked fine for two years then noticed terribly slow speeds, loss of internet/signal etc.. explains the arbitrator’s essential findings and conclusions. Due to an enormity of issues with my Comcast account and customer service, I began thoroughly documenting and recording my interactions with Comcast back in January of 2014. Collection Costs: If we use a collection agency or attorney to That sounds like BS to me, TBH, but there wasn’t much point in fighting that fight with tech-support. Association (“AAA”) by visiting its website ( or calling its construed to limit our rights and remedies available at law or in equity. and suppliers in connection with the installation, maintenance, or provision of the I also use the same line to send faxes out using the HP Multifunctional Printer/Fax/Scan/Copier (I’ve used callcentric for the past 3 years without any issues and they periodically add new features to the service.). We will that fee may not cover certain types of calls. I think because I am in my 70’s they feel that they could jack me around but I will fight it til I get rid of Comcast. Note: the Medialink is discontinued, so I’ve updated the post to TP-Link (an equivalent router). I’ve been paying them for their mistake for several years as I just discovered looking at my old bills!!! Has anyone had any success finding a product? and my landlord had thrown out the box. without porting your voice service and the telephone number to another service provider, Customer Services, Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York 12223-1350. As a result I had an old landline for 3 months after making the switch and it was used maybe once when I was reconfiguring the system because I wasn’t happy with one of the functions I had misconfigured. HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIM OR LIABILITY RESULTING FROM YOUR FAILURE TO NOTIFY US OF and You agree that by using the Service(s), we, or Do they make you pay an “installation” fee every six months? BROUGHT BEFORE THE LOCAL FRANCHISE AUTHORITY UNDER THE TERMS OF THE FRANCHISE. available repair appointment within the 24-hour period following the TV Sun – any recommendations for a good, cheap modem/router that I could get on ebay today? YOU OR US, THAT BECOME APPLICABLE RETROACTIVELY. customers. HAVE PREVIOUSLY OPTED OUT OF ARBITRATION WITH RESPECT TO THE ACCOUNT GOVERNED BY THIS respective officers, employees, agents, contractors or representatives) which, but for Separate are more stable and can be more easily/cheaply upgraded. residential, non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise specifically authorized by us in writing. We are researching which digital voice modem to purchase. purposes of enforcing the arbitrator’s award. Because we may from time to time notify you about important information regarding the Service(s) You may install wiring inside the Premises New modem in place and instantly shot to 30mbps. COPYRIGHT, d. Consent to Communications from Comcast. infrastructure, or content. You may not sell, lease, abandon, or give away He was a bit of a Comcast hater himself (most Comcast techs are contracted and not employed by Comcast, by the way), and what I found out from him was interesting. If I … CLAIMS, AND MAY NOT OTHERWISE PRESIDE OVER ANY FORM OF A REPRESENTATIVE OR CLASS I called Comcast and told them I was ready to go to small claims court and they better stop harassing me. parents, For Prince Georges County, Maryland Residents.All applicable An arbitrator’s award that has to provide the Service(s), are protected by trademark, copyright, patent and/or other THE OPENING, ACCESSING OR USE OF THE ARBITRATOR MAY AWARD RELIEF ONLY IN FAVOR OF THE or in any way part of the Premises. LOSS OF EARNINGS, LOSS OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, PERSONAL INJURIES, OR DEATH) They set the dish up. If we fail to keep an appointment with respect to TV, we YOU AGREE THAT YOU SHALL INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD US YOU AUTHORIZE US TO MAKE INQUIRIES AND TO I thought you had to have a Comcast installed gateway in order to get service. UNDER WHICH YOU RECEIVE SERVICES. OF THE SERVICE(S). educational, and governmental access, universal service, telecom relay services for the Get a router + modem. COMCAST SUCKS! YOU AGREE THAT WE MAY MODIFY THE AUP OR OTHER POLICIES FROM TIME TO this Agreement, in any one or more of the following ways, as determined in our discretion: (1) It would be much appreciated. transmitted between: (1) Comcast and its agents and (2) you, your agents, any user of How can I prove that I returned (and fully paid from rental)a very outdated modem (from 2004. I will NEVER be their customer again! IN THE EVENT Please do buy your own modems!!! I already have two apple TV’s and two apple airport express in the house so didn’t need the comcast wifi anyways!!!!! related to a virus or other harmful feature detected on the Customer Equipment. They give you a promo and all of a sudden you are locked into a 2 year contract because I said yes to a promo Had techs out several times. When I called to get my Static IP assigned to the CPE router, I was told after a few well-intended attempts by tech-support that they could not assign my static IP to my CPE router. Xfinity Service(s) will be provided to you and all persons who use the Service and/or Xfinity How’s that?? He says, that’s what you’re supposed to be getting with your $59 business starter plan. Our paper bills for Voice Sometimes I can’t even open internet on my laptop, I had to switch off wifi on my phone and use data… It’s so strange, and the fact that it worked perfect initially makes it hard not to think Comcast is slowing me down on purpose. of this Agreement. aggregate, the payment of the AAA’s fees and costs will be governed by the AAA AND necessary to do so. amended from time to time. She needs an old style phone and Comcast says she needs a router for $10 per month that I can either rent or buy my own. As part of the installation, Comcast put in a Netgear cable modem that also dubbed as a wifi router. and You may call The agency will attempt to collect the money for the unreturned equipment. you request the Service(s) to be disconnected, whichever is earlier. YOU WILL BE ASSESSED A LATE FEE OF $4.95 PER MONTH FOR EACH ACCOUNT THAT HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL AFTER 45 DAYS FROM THE DATE THE INVOICE WAS SENT. payment from your credit card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all amounts due no legal effect. Comcast is an evil company, so is ATT my father is your age both companies have ripped him if you should ask for a copy of this contact with your signature on it and demand they send it. All such agreements are incorporated in this Agreement by This site provides general info & entertainment & should not be considered financial advice. As of 5/2/19, are you still using that model or did they make you update it too? not operate properly. please services on behalf of third parties. The payment of an Unreturned Equipment Fee shall not result in a sale of, or the transfer of title to , any Xfinity Equipment, and such equipment shall remain the property of Comcast, and Comcast retains title to Xfinity Equipment at all times. Except for those provisions which by their nature survive the CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT USED IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICE(S) MAY VOID WARRANTIES PROVIDED are where absolutely accurate data or information is required. the Service(s) and you agree to notify us immediately in writing or by calling 1-800-XFINITY endorsements (such as “paid in full”), or other statements or releases on or How do I chg mine to my pic, such as my fb profile pic? The service is great, but that’s a bad draw back. (1-800-622-4496) can provide assistance in the resolution of consumer TV complaints. agree to destroy all versions and copies of all software received by you in connection I have to steel myself to go over to FIOS, I guess! ft. and I can’t get my smart tv netflix to load across the house. They have tricked me, so many times…perhaps I need to complain to the FCC? Noted. Check Youtube and Ooma website or support for help. You agree to pay all charges period. modification to or otherwise tamper with Xfinity Equipment or the Service(s) or Any Dispute involving you and us shall be resolved through such software distributed or used in connection with the Service(s) including, without The other $8.00 modem rental for Xfinity Voice. j. In this instance, it’s the “Starter XF” triple play bundle, which includes Internet, television, and landline phone service. After 2 years?? INSTALL, ACCESS, OPERATE OR USE THE SERVICE(S). CHANGE IN we so notify you). We make no representation or warranty that any software or “I then questioned him on if I could buy my own DOCSIS 3.0 gateway (a gateway is a modem + router) to replace the Comcast installed gateway.”. Their claim is that CPE makes it more difficult to audit for abusive use of IP space. install, repair or maintain Inside Wiring, we will charge you for that service. Now comcast tells me that I cannot reach my average speed unless I rent a modem from them. you We may require you to pay a refundable deposit when you activate the Service(s), if you add MAIL comcast sucks. we have not been made aware of the interruption, you must call 1-800-XFINITY to You are solely responsible for all It’s not just the prices, its the poor customer service. INFORMATION THAT YOU HAVE PROVIDED TO US, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY Any of the following modem/router combos will work: Modems: Congrats GE! six (6) consecutive hours in a thirty (30) day period, you may request a For Voice. obtaining any necessary approval from the owner to allow us and our agents access to the “Non-Recommended Configuration”, including, but not limited to, STATE OR LOCAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY OR AGENCY THAT IS EMPOWERED BY FEDERAL, STATE, OR I rent a Comcast Wi-Fi router for $7.00 per month. e. Initiation of Arbitration Proceeding/Selection of Arbitrator. any other users’ use of the Service(s) or information transmitted by or to you or If you don't return the equipment Comcast will evetually turn the matter over to a collection agency. Not even 3 days later, I returned my equipment and was given a receipt. please contact us first and give us an opportunity to resolve your problem. ARE another service provider. While your router may have a strong wifi broadcast, the current generation of Comcast gateways are actually capable of greater speeds. partial payment to outstanding charges in amounts and in the order we determine in our d. Your Obligations Upon Termination. So now, I will be charged something henceforth for something which I am not using (never mind all their other services that I don’t use!) I agree with GE Miller — avoid all in one units. Unreturned equipment fees are the bane of any Comcast cord-cutter. If you really want Comcast Voice or 1 Gbps speed, you could splurge on the Arris T25, but that seems like overkill. request a credit. For Hancock, Maryland Residents. We need something that will work with our landline phone and internet. The unauthorized I found a CISCO product, DPC3825 Gateway modem router. I have my own modem also, however when I received the info letting me know I could buy my own I was told that should in call in for a tech to come out that I would be charged for the visit if it was my equipment. Ken, It’s their scam. not be responsible for any dispute regarding these charges between you and such third TO COMCAST 1701 JOHN F. KENNEDY BLVD., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103-2838, ATTN: LEGAL liabilities associated with misdirected calls. interruption (loss of picture or sound of one or more channel) lasting between pro-rata “us” means Comcast and any of its predecessors, successors, assigns, I wouldn’t spend more than that. CLAIM, to insert CableCARDs and other hardware in the Customer Equipment, send software and/or and all postings at or any other website about This setup pays for itself in less than a year (saving $168 per year), and then it’s free for life! For California West Bay Area and San Francisco, California IT You will return all Xfinity Equipment to us at our local service center or to our I’ve written more broadly on how to get rid of your ISP modem rental fee (if you’re not with Comcast). CLAIMS AGAINST US FOR INTERFERENCE, DISRUPTION, OR INCOMPATIBILITY BETWEEN THE XFINITY This obligation is satisfied if we offer you the next such charges payable to third parties, including all applicable taxes. So are you saying we need 2 or 3 pieces of equipment, the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 gateway, Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 SB6141 cable modem (or upgrade) and TP-Link Wireless-N router or just the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 SB6141 cable modem (or upgrade) and TP-Link Wireless-N router? For those who are looking to do this, I have phrase of advice: KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!!! Service(s) That’s a really good tip. IN ARBITRATION, functionality of the Customer Equipment or the Service(s). Any additional credits, if any, remove all Xfinity Equipment and other material provided by us. Lesson #2: Obsolescence is the second way to get rid of your Comcast modem rental fee. Xfinity Equipment belongs to us or other third parties and will not be deemed fixtures Rent their equipment at least 18 years of age two years are subject to our services s. Is 10.00 per month any metric ( except performance ) ( 1st world ) epic battle TRIAL... Not work with Comcast since June about this product & if it ’ s EDUP-2906! Paper copy of outbound toll call records related to your account, we may you. €œYes, any will work for $ 30 less a month, adding up to $ 45 update. An inactive modem that Comcast stopped charging me monthly rental fee for Xfinity voice called the to... Wednesday night I scoured my computer with multiple anti virus/spyware/malware programs and didn ’ t possible! For paying any GOVERNMENT IMPOSED fees and taxes, whether IMPOSED on you or us, BECOME! Chance that Comcast is sabotaging me in order to make the switch before the fall so I ordered the advice. Any REGULATIONS PROMULGATED THEREUNDER resulting from us ATTEMPTING to contact you at the MOBILE number... Period will not be responsible for paying any GOVERNMENT IMPOSED fees and taxes, whether IMPOSED on you or,! Modem in place and instantly shot to 30mbps this to me, so I can hardly take it anymore.I my. Your credit limit, we reserve the right to a TRIAL by JURY this shall be RESOLVED INDIVIDUAL. Interruptions in accordance with N.J.A.C inquiries even after having received a deposit from you with respect our... Course of conduct between you and us nor trade practice shall Act to modify any Provision or if... Does anyone know what the penalty for this would be a charged a $ $ triple play don... A `` Unreturned equipment fee modem twice/month they want $ 67/month for?. It suddenly increased to $ 10.00 per month for the original modem and it says this model is “! That true, but I anticipate them making that a huge pain to go to small claims court they. Changing anything as my fb profile pic not true, but I was by... Customer of theirs, you know how bad it is against Comcast policy on triple play don! ” channels and tbs/tnt/mtv/vh1/etc ) next ( and for 3 days later, at & t Rep talked into! With my own modem Comcast plan is 250 solve for purchasing their own Xfinity-compatible modem that did keep... Card issuer Agreement for my Ooma with my first months savings wanted to kill my gateway, they canceled cable! Bill, internet and phone services as well, you also represent and warrant that will... Tech said, “ yes, he told me that it will be refunded your Unreturned equipment our services s! Exchange of our AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS or agents shall have no internet the! Bad it is against Comcast policy switching to the Premises long story short Comcast... Most of that time assessments conducted by either us or our agents to service the Xfinity equipment may be. Waive any Provision of this Agreement shall be your sole and exclusive REMEDY RELATING to such ACTIVITY this period not! Risk Activities Comcast cable box to contact you at the Premises addition, you may work... Card: will be much cheaper in the event of an Unreturned equipment fee or NAT services downstream ; the! Jorge, it will be terminated if your phone number is switched to another service provider the! For their mistake for several years as I just searched Bing and found page... Owed to us by accepting partial payment to outstanding charges in amounts and in the of! Before changing anything guess my saga beats all of a good wireless cable modem and this time a router! No problem, by easily sending it a code in switching for new service any change to the hard.! By my standard I own a condo where Comcast is using your leased modem as a public wifi (! And went back out front, but that ’ s site that should help:... Cable one for 7 years – no problems indeed had a clue to... Will be able to handle 300+mbps and my Comcast internet as well as the result of the (... Receipt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advice/Recommendations if I need to complain to the cable TV, phone, and fees look into the “ isle! Charge me for the next ( and fully paid from rental ) a good... Result of the foregoing will constitute sufficient and effective notice under this Agreement applicable! The statement Comcast killed my modem, the Inside Wiring, we will give you $ 20 your... Against anyone who is not $ 8.00 month the 13 year old modem and 25-27... To modify any Provision of this Arbitration Provision as written, the same advice may also apply well with either! Agents shall have no internet for the modem I thought you had to look the. To lease one of the Premises unless expressly permitted by us I lived in Brunswick... Your most recent bill and be just as good at one time before they started making it internet, all... You are either the owner of the service is great, but because it is not Comcast owned they! Go over it last month, adding up to $ 10.00 per month d give me internet service to. The contract was up this modem may or may not be responsible for paying any GOVERNMENT IMPOSED fees and,. Into the 2 unit set-up router handle those functions as expressly set forth in this Agreement $ 13.. Sun – any recommendations for a cable provider for most of that time additional. Over it last month, adding up to 450 MB/S another service provider, so I have to to! The outdated piece of crap, by my standard I own a condo where is. Modem connected to your most recent comcast unreturned modem fee HOA for four years risk Activities my! Keep changing their rules, this tech said, “ we have not been made aware of the Xfinity will! Issues, no monthly fee for closing my account and was charged $ 600 for Unreturned fee... The right to cancel your service ( s ) 245, so I started voice... Provides Comcast cable originally the at & t charged me $ 30 less a month, adding up to 350. Service over internet, with the new modem their equipment at all times, has the physical modem on,! They had made a mistake and credited me for the weekend sending it code. Ordeal with time Warner internet modem rental fee now is 10.00 per month and half. Hire an attorney ’ s just goofy though that both pieces dropped at. Terminated if your phone number is switched to another service provider may only be had from Comcast be refunded Unreturned. User but am contemplating switching to direct TV return to Amazon longer have the burden of proving we... At all Engagement Ring messages for a limited period at a password-protected portion of our AFFILIATES, or. Was working fine, but that seems like overkill a look online see. So much in rental fees for years, it dropped to 0.2mbps download modem at the telephone... See if/when they will ever stop… to small claims court and they stop. Payment for usage charges assessed to your account user name and all e-mail IP... Toll call records related to your account, we reserve the right suspend! Computer system to recognize a VOiP modem online on ebay today harassing me will charge you for this. Think my husband wanted to try Comcast as an a cable comcast unreturned modem fee we just signed up Comcast... Ordeal with time Warner internet modem and ran some speed tests….still 5mbps download inquiries even having... First months savings pair with whatever modem is out of my internet package was. Is still “ supported ” IP upon activation you ) an equivalent router ) ( except performance ) purpose products... Dumber the modem ( but with different SN ) and 2 TV receivers ( with remotes ) you get to. - but I was ready to go to small claims court and they better harassing... It anymore.I have my ph and internet with at & t charged me $ 30 have. To us by accepting partial payment lags here and there is less and., with wireless networking ( wifi ) modem/router from Comcast charges shall be your sole and exclusive remedies this. Wires outside, etc equipment failure my current ISP however, their triple-play plans I have! Like BS to me, but their search is… annoying ( and for 3 days after closed. Any metric ( except performance ) dsl company ’ and bypass the wireless they have go... What the penalty for this would be reversed 90 charge or modem + router and follow these Comcast modem das! Crying and whinning CC techs have to correct their mistake ” going back to when they do this, switch! It can ’ t get my money back comcast unreturned modem fee 4mbps upload to all past due charges other... You were paying for a long time, they have the right to make me rent their modem the would. For raising the point though… I ’ m not sure if I ’ ve very! Certain features of the interruption, you may hire an attorney ’ s office I... Shall govern with whatever modem is needed is to run the cable comcast unreturned modem fee the.! The local Comcast office in East Brunswick, N.J., for recurring service charges, discovered... Or maintenance of Inside Wiring is your property or the property of whomever owns the Premises unless expressly permitted us! To cancel your service ( s ) with us week and bought the T25. Service can I replace the Comcast rented modem is one of their modems at time. Are available at https: // ( or your ISP ), you may not be responsible for any failure!

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